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The Flavor Point Diet

The Flavor Point Diet
Is based on the neuroscience of appetite and teaches dieters to reduce hunger by organizing meals based on flavors. Learn the pros and cons of the Flavor Point Diet and whether it could help you lose weight. You organize your eating according to the flavors of food, while still eating a balanced diet.
When a flavor is tasted repeatedly throughout the day, the brain’s appetite center is more quickly satisfied, so the body senses satiety more quickly and we eat fewer calories. 

The Flavor Point Diet: The Plan

The diet is organized into three phases.
Phase one involves planning your meals around one particular flavor, called flavor themes. For instance, all of the meals for the first day of the diet emphasize the flavor of raisins and currants. Breakfast consists of whole-grain cereal with raisins; lunch is a currant-lentil spinach salad. On day two, or pineapple day, there is a pineapple smoothie for breakfast, a pineapple-walnut chicken salad for lunch, and pineapple shrimp for dinner.

“Phase two of the meal plan includes a greater variety of daily flavors whereby only meals, not entire days, are flavor-themed,” says Gazzaniga-Moloo, a dietician and a spokesperson for the
American Dietetic Association.

Phase three, which is intended to be the phase you can continue indefinitely, allows you to choose your own meals based on the principles you have learned in phases one and two.

Flavor Point Diet: Sample Menu
As an example, here is “Spinach Day” from the third week:
Breakfast: Spinach and feta cheese omelet with whole-grain toast
Snack: Crackers or baby carrots with spinach-yogurt dip
Lunch: Turkey and spinach salad
Dinner: Pasta with spinach marinara sauce, salad, and mixed berries.

The flavor themes throughout the book build on an abundance of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish, and poultry, and encourage limiting fat and opting for healthier snacks.
The diet emphasizes weight management through calorie reduction. All meal plans are 1,000 to 1,500 calories. “Even cheat day [which involves flavors such as chocolate] is calorie-controlled,” says Clark.

The plan is well laid out. Gazzaniga-Moloo says the book is easy to understand. There are over 100 recipes. According to the book, it is possible to lose up to 16 pounds in six weeks.

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